the world when i was small 小時候世界大 (2007)


the world when i was small 小時候世界大

    1. time travel
      silver & plastic
    2. don’t want to grow up
      silver & porcelain
      …i lived with my grandma when i was very young. i grew under her wings. as i grew, she aged.
    3. c’est la vie!
      silver, glass bead , concrete & iron
    4. taking everything in
      silver & porcelain
      …at home, this is the only sound around.
    5. life before air-conditioner
      silver & porcelain
      …sitting at the balcony, staring at the city beyond.
    6. blowing gold fish
      silver, turquoise & porcelain
      …blowing bubble makes me wonder i am really a gold fish.
    7. day dreamer
      silver & porcelain
      …day dream after day dream, makes a wonderful childhood.
    8. be a cow
      silver, turquoise, porcelain, iron & wood
      …it’s ok to be a cow, as least it’s useful.
    9. encounter
      silver, porcelain & feather
      …except for a duckling, i had little contact with animals when i was small.
    10. copy book scribbling
      silver & porcelain
    11. my music
      silver, copper & porcelain
      …music is not part of my talent
    12. racing crawlers
    13. unfair
      silver & porcelain
    14. breathing space
      silver & porcelain
    15. i am not small
      silver & porcelain
      …they are just too big.
    16. festival
      a) silver & glass;
      b) silver
      …fireworks forever.
    17. hiding places
      copper, silver, pearl, turquoise, opal & enamel
      …we grow up by beginning to hide our feelings. maybe that’s how we survive in the city. yet sometimes, we remember the world when we were small.


  1. sparkle
    silver, blown glass & porcelain
    …bustling, glittering, dazzling.
  2. amusement park
    silver, blown glass & porcelain
    …it had always been this park after dim sum.

* small objects in this exhibition made circa 1998-2007


  1. 時間太快
  2. 不想長大
  3. 如斯人生
  4. 汁都撈埋
    …平日在家 ,衹有它的聲音。
  5. 乘涼
  6. 我是金魚
  7. 白日夢人
  8. be a cow 牛耕田
  9. 寵物接觸
  10. 罰抄似鵝腸
  11. 音樂於我
  12. 為甚􆹥樣樣要比賽
  13. 大細邊
  14. 私人空間
  15. 我不小
  16. 大時大節
  17. 心事寶盒
    …年長了,開始一一把心事收起。這是今天城裡人生存之道。但也許你我間中會回想童年,想起成長 中的點點滴滴。這些,形成今天的我們。


  1. …繁華、閃爍、璀燦。
  2. 遊樂場

* 是次展覽小件成於1998 至2007年間