The Fragility of city Living 脆弱的城市生活 ( since 2006 )

The Fragility of city Living 脆弱的城市生活


Hong Kong as a city is ever changing and flooded with information. People living in a city often have very indifferent and detached relationships with each other, and with the city, because changes can happen so quickly and there are so many things competing for their attention.

This research investigates and comments on the fragility of these relationships. I used linear elements inspired by the form and speed of road and wild cursive script to express the rhythm of city living. I also looked for ideas from traditional Chinese thinking that could inform this investigation. I discuss the work of a number of artists that influenced my thinking and approach, exploring how they expressed problems they associated with city living.

In this studio-based project, I created a series of new works using porcelain and metal. These echo the concrete and steel we use to build our city. Using long, cursive and delicate porcelain wires, with linkages made by metal, the pieces aimed to be an expression of city living, with
a focus on the fragility of relationships. They sought to reflect the pace of city living and the weaknesses of the relationships. This research project does not set out to provide any specific answers, but rather through visual means aims to contribute to an understanding of Hong Kong’s social issues with reference to Chinese traditional thinking.

Work in development:

a study of relationships and connections:

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.24.11 PM

chosen material:

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.17.09 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.20.10 PM


Final works:



The Fragility of City Living

We come; we meet; we interact. Everyday we create, live and break relationships with each other and everything around us. For a number of years, “Relationship” has been the focus of my creative studies.

The current series of works is a reflection of my own experience in the city. We live in a metropolis, where basic human needs are not very much attended to. We choose to ignore, and be ignored. Under this pre-occupation with taller, bigger and faster in urban development, human as individual has become smaller, more lonely, and lost.

This set of small objects was inspired by the dividing and connecting roads. The forms came from Chinese cursive script, where the connecting cursive lines convey a sense of speed. To mimic the concrete and steel used in our city, I chose to use porcelain and silver. These potentially sturdy materials were made artificially fragile and weakly connected. The choices were made based on my doubts about the city that I live in, and the value system that we have evolved into.