illumination 源- collections of self-standing jewellery (2004)

Illumination 源

An exhibition of self standing jewellery by Cicy Ching

At Living Arts Plus Hong Kong April 3 to 29, 2004

Illumination is a continuation of my quest for light. This time, it’s about the corona – the hazy and magical ring of light that’s usually not the main character, but affects us just the same. It shows up everywhere: under the street lamp, around the lampshade, over the candlelight. Growing up in the city, breathing man-made light sources, I have always been fascinated by this soft glow around the main source. The sources are usually eye blinding bright, but the glow around them is much more approachable, and much friendlier.

The stories between light and its corona are best told in glass, silver and porcelain. This set of work is an attempt to capture these intertwined qualities, motivated by my enthrallment in light and illumination.

These ideas are conveyed through jewellery, my passion for the past many years. In fact, human’s interests in glass and jewellery are driven by our quest for sparkle and luminosity. This time, though, I want to go a step further. I want my jewellery to be Self-standing. This means when worn, they will have a relationship with the wearer. On their own, they also resonate with their surrounding, and are appreciated that way. Most of us have more jewellery than we can wear at any one time; thus jewellery spends most of their time alone, inside closed drawers. By enabling them to self-stand, they are a part of their surroundings, with the power to be more than fashion. To appreciate them instead as mini-sculptures, they become eternal.