Self-Standing Jewellery ( since 2003 )

Self-Standing Jewellery

Jewellery has been my passion for many years. Human’s interest in jewellery is driven by our quest for sparkle and luminosity. However, these are not the qualities that I am after. I want my
pieces to have personality, and be able to stand on their own. They should not merely compliment there wearers, but also be able to relate to their surroundings when not worn. To this end, I want my jewellery to be Self-Standing. When worn, they will have a relationship with the wearer. When standing on their own, they can also resonate with their surrounding, and be
appreciated that way. Most of us have more jewellery than we can possibly wear at any one time; thus jewellery spends most of its time alone, inside close drawer. By enabling them to self-stand, they can now interact with their surroundings. When they are appreciated as mini-sculptures, they become eternal.

The Illumination series (2003 – 06)

It has been a search of light.

Coming from a metropolitan, city lights have been part of me ever since childhood. For us city-crawlers, we encounter these man-made light sources much more often than nature ones. They make things happen, and create stories. These glimmering objects are everywhere: outside the windows, on bridges, and along the roads.

If we make ourselves observers, these lights will become smeared. We can try to get them in focus, but they will morph into different forms. Eventually, clarity fades into obscurity. The lights will diffuse into memory, and become mere recollections and personal feelings.